[K12OSN] DHCP and different LTSP distros

Meelis Saar mellax at pm.ee
Tue Jun 26 08:25:00 UTC 2007

> From: "Terrell Prudé Jr."
> 1.) dhcpd is actually handing out the correct IP addresses for the LTSP

It must work, all non-network-booting clients get its address.

> 2.) in.tftpd is working.  Try manually TFTP'ing some of those bootfiles
over to your thick client.

Honestly, i do not know, how manually chec this. But if client cannot get
file via TFTP while TFTP is UP, it gives an error message.
And TFTP server in another host is definitely working. If i enable DHCP
there (in fc5 server), All working. Even another fc5 LTSP server can
connect. But it vannot connect, when DHCP server working in Centos server.

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