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[K12OSN] Installing a server this week


I will be doing my first LTSP deployment soon. I have installed K12LTSP 5 and 6 on a test server in the past, but will be installing a server for production use for the first time in the coming weekend. I would like to use the CentOS based version of K12LTSP (recent software versions, long lifecycle, Fedora is moving too fast for me) and I'd rather use the 5EL version than 4EL. I know K12LTSP5EL isn't final yet, but if it works then I skipped an upgrade. If it doesn't, well then maybe I have help fix some bugs. Is there a list of known issues with the current 5EL iso's?

The server I'll be using is a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with 4x1 GB RAM and a quad-core Xeon E5320 1.86GHz/1066 MHz FSB processor. Would you recommend going with the 64-bit version or will the 32-bit version be just fine? We'll want to run Firefox with Flash, so I guess we'll need 32-bit Firefox anyway. But do I maybe need the 64-bit version to be able to address 4 GB of RAM? Of will the 32-bit version handle that just fine?


Nils Breunese.

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