[K12OSN] Fwd: pulse audio & Crossover/wine sound with LTSP

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Jun 26 20:14:55 UTC 2007

> Now assuming I can get the programs to run on the server, how do I get
> sound to the terminals? Will it automatically redirect or do I have to
> change the audio output for crossover office? I have tried using the
> esd driver without success for MSPowerpoint.

Your best bet for sound with Wine (and therefore CrossOver) is to
use a library that delivers an OSS emulation, and configure CrossOver
to use OSS.  You can go into CrossOver and configure it to use the
art or ESD Wine driver, but both of those drivers are fairly buggy.
The ALSA driver is shaping up nicely, but that's likely to be more of
a 7.0 thintg, and what's more, I don't think that helps you in an
LTSP environment much.

Hope that helps.



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