[K12OSN] DHCP and different LTSP distros

Krsnendu dasa krsnendu108 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 19:56:47 UTC 2007

I can also confirm that the compaqs can't boot from a second server.

On 28/06/07, Mella <mellax at pm.ee> wrote:
> Now I found a problemmaker! :)
> It is Compaq Deskpro SFF client with built-in Intel PXE? card driven
> only from Compaq BIOS. It just cannot boot from another server than
> DHCP! And Intel boot rom is not separately flashable.
> It claims  "Old PXE API detected, using PXENV+ structure" when booting.
> If i tried this with IBM T20 (3com PXE card onboard), all works OK
> without TFTP service in DHCP server.
> Unfortunately I have 50 Compaq's here :(
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