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David D. Nelson nelsda at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 23:39:21 UTC 2007

--- "Terrell Prude' Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com>
As you can see, that "science teacher" _is_ the
technology coordinator.
She should not have taken the job as _technology
coordinator_ if she is unwilling to learn about the
_technology_; she should've stayed teaching 
science.  Learning about the technology comes with the
job.  It'd be like if I, a systems engineer, became a
"classroom teacher coordinator" and was unwilling to
learn the skills to actually teach a classroom full 
of kids.

What I don't think you may realize is that for you to
make the comparison to you becoming a teacher you have
to be teacher full time AND be a systems engineer full
time. It isn't always about not wanting to learn it is
about only having 24 hours in a day. I know from
personal experience. In addition to my full time
teaching load I had to take a school from the dark
ages to modern times. My regular work day started at 6
or 7 in the morning and lasted non-stop until 6 or 7
in the evening when I took a break and then went back
and did more work on the servers, workstations,
network, etc. In the 14 years I did that job I learned
and used 6 different OSs in different capacities. I
wasn't afraid to learn but it sure took a ton of time.

There is a good chance that the "science teacher"
really doesn't have the time to spend learning the CLI
for those infrequently used items. That said, I have
met science teachers who are superb science teachers
but who don't have a good handle on how computers
work. It is not that they can't it is that they have
absolutely no desire to learn it.

Now that I don't have to support the computer end of
things all of the time I find that my infrequently
used CLI skills are fading fast. I'm for having a good
set of GUI tools which would make life a little
easier. Visual cues are much easier to follow than
non-visual ones hidden in the recesses of my brain.
Besides, the more visual we can get Linux (I know it
will tend to bloat) the larger the user base is likely
to become.

David D. Nelson
nelsda at yahoo.com

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