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Re: [K12OSN] OT: quote on file / mail server

Thanks for the info. Even though I've got 3 Linux servers currently authenticating against AD, I'm still a little fuzzy about how the whole process works. Anyway, tell me a little bit about how my life would be easier w/o AD -- I'm seriously considering going that way.

Regarding email, what I really want is this: When a user connects to the mail server, all mail from the server is synchronized to their local machine. When a user deletes an email, whether from their server-side folders or from their local folders, that also gets synchronized. When a user connects to the mail server from a different mail client, the same thing happens.

Maybe this all isn't as complicated as I think, but I'm having trouble getting it through my thick skull.


Barry Cisna wrote:
Hi Rob,

There would be NO extra legwork as far as "extra passwords. I forgot to
mention ,all you need to do is enable Winbind on the k12ltsp server and
your k12ltsp server is talking to your AD MS Winders server seamlessly. No
hocus pocus as far as making the Winders,, be it Terminal server, or any
MS server integrating seamlessly with your linux server. The only reason
you need to manually enter the users on the Linux server is to generate
your users maildir for the Webmail/Squirrelmail account. Winders isn't
smart enough to do this for you:). The only one step better would be is to
make your PDC a Linux server and ditch AD as we have done, then your life
would really be clear sailing. I wish I would have/could have done this 5
years ago!,:)
 Your file shares will be seen seamlessly as well in Terminal services,
providing you have your smb.conf file configed correctly on your k12ltsp
server. All you'd need to do on any email client is in preferences' Save
a copy on server" for your emails, and optionally delete emails when
emails are deleted on the pop server account. This keeps your email
client program with anyones emails synched as well as having all emails
accesseable anywhere via Squirrelmail. This eliminates LOTS of email
hassles. "Email is here on my laptop,but disappeared off of the server"
Hope this is clear ( as mud),,,:).

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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