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[K12OSN] OT: quote on file / mail server

Hi Rob,

You have explained your network very thoroughly. Knowing your current
setup, All you simply need to do is setup Squirrelmail as I explained
earlier. This should be your "primary" email client. This is the way we
setup at our school. For the diehards that want Outlook express or Outlook
for example ,they can still use this client. You would simply need to when
going through the setup wizard is check the option to " Save a copy on the
server" and everything stays on the server until it is deleted in their
outlook express/Outlook client. This is synchronizing at its best!:).But,,
if you take a look at the ease, reliabitly and functionality of
Squirrelmail as well as the users, once they're used it a few times.
Bottom line ,instead of having to log into a terminal server,they can
simply open their webbrowser at home,and access their email without doing
a TS login,etc.You'd want to "phase out",using the old client setups. You
can still leave your network/ security portal in tact. Simply port forward
your email/IMAP server IP address ,then the users connect to
Webmail/Squirrelmail with this public IP,in their browser address bar( At
home for example.).Think of it this way, You are not making "extra jumps"
for users to access email accounts. You are actually eliminating the
terminal server login ( which requires your school to buy $$  TSlicenses
from MS.:)
On the Linux as your PDC go to:


This gives several example setups utilizing samba in different business
scenarios. Seach for " Samba as a PDC".

Hope this helps.

Barry Cisna

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