[K12OSN] Please help

Janis Locs janis at locs.lv
Tue Mar 13 14:34:09 UTC 2007

I have a Problem with client Hardware Compaq Deskpro  in a the Linux class, which arrange. 
In Class I utillize K12LTSP, what is based on RedHat Fedora Linux (Core 6) and the LTSP terminal server
This machine has a NIC PCnet32 onboard without any LTSP compatible boot

So I have built in a 3com 905-TXM for PXe booting (tested also other). This works fine. But:
When the /linuxrc starts it only searches for the onboard card, and
than of course it quits with kernel Panic - because this card is not
What I have tried:
I have disabled the onboard NIC - without any Success - tricky Linux is
finding it
What that I do?
I am K12OSN list member
Jānis from Appe secondary school
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