[K12OSN] [OT] NX client setup

Trond Mæhlum trond at maehlum.net
Wed Mar 21 14:07:43 UTC 2007

Sudev Barar skrev:

> I have downloaded NXClient for MacOS and installed it as per NoMachine
> sites instrructions (
> http://www.nomachine.com/download-client-macosx.php ). But when I run
> the program I get error message saying that I need to install
> "xserver". I am not familiar with MacOS and neither is my friend for
> whom I was demo'ing NX.
> Any pointers?

You need the X11 package. It's on your OSX Tiger dvd. Insert it and 
select "Optional installs". Select it, install it and run X11 
applications, such as No Machine Client, OpenOffice.org, Gimp and others.


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