[K12OSN] bootp, imac, and k12ltsp server

Joe Korzeniewski jkorz at mceschools.com
Thu Mar 22 18:36:48 UTC 2007

If your imacs are bondi's, you can use them with almost no modification. I haven't had any luck booting with the N key, but I have heard reports that it works. You don't need a hard drive, in fact, you can leave your hard drive completely alone and if you want to go back to mac mode, you simply change an open firmware entry. The way I boot to ltsp it is by first booting to open firmware and typing one of the two options:

To boot to k12ltsp once: 
  boot enet:

To boot to k12ltsp every time: 
  setenv boot-device enet:

If you have indigo imacs, you will need to make an entry in /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/lts.conf pointing to the mac address of your client and setting it to use the xf86config-4.indigo file.

Here is a sample config entry that includes sound support (kind of rough sounding at times, but working none the less):
        XF86CONFIG_FILE    = XF86Config-4.indigo
        SOUND              = Y
        SOUND_DAEMON       = "esd"
        VOLUME             = 85
        SMODULE_01         = "soundcore.o"
        SMODULE_02         = "dmasound_pmac.o"
        SMODULE_03         = "dmasound_core.o"

Joe Korzeniewski
Technology Director
Mason County Eastern Schools

>>> asulwer at yahoo.com 3/21/2007 10:52 pm >>>
i have a k12ltsp server that thin clients can currently log into.  i want to turn our old imac g3's into thin clients too.  I noticed that there is an option in network settings (system settings macos 10.3.9) that says bootp.  Also there is an option to boot from the network.  Do i have to have a hd in the imac to boot from the network?  what do i have to do on the server side to support the imac's.  anything special that i should do on the imac side?  i am new to this imac's as thin clients.  Aaron
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