[K12OSN] How to access Gnome-mounted servers?

John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 15:46:35 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 March 2007 12:25, Peter Scheie wrote:
> Have a look at wdfs, webdav file system.  It uses FUSE, just like LTSP's
> Local Device Access, sshfs, etc.
> http://noedler.de/projekte/wdfs/

Or if you just need to copy files from the command line, you could use 

cadaver(1)                       User Manuals                       cadaver(1)

       cadaver - A command-line WebDAV client for Unix.

       cadaver [-et][-V][-h] http://hostname[:port]/path

       cadaver  supports  file  upload, download, on-screen display, namespace
       operations (move and copy), collection creation and deletion, and lock-
       ing operations.

       Its  operation  is  similar  to  the standard BSD ftp(1) client and the
       Samba Project’s smbclient(1).  A user familiar with these tools  should
       be quite comfortable with cadaver.

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