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Re: [K12OSN] Booting older thin clients

Levi Kemp wrote:

Ok I have to ask at the risk of sounding ignorent. I asumed that Linux was going to be running a great deal faster on some of my older systems than it is. Maybe its the hardware, or it could be the setup. I havn't set them up as diskless yet because we need to familiarize ourselves with everything first. Aside from that we have a lot of Compaq iPaqs 450Mhz with Ram ranging from 128 to 256. They are PXE capable but right now I'm running it off the local HD, varying amounts 20GB 40GB and 80GB, all Western Digital 7200RPM drives. They don't appear to be doing much better then XP is and if I can't show that it will be worth it I won't be able to get the Admin to move on the project. Any suggestions? Should I just set up a diskless and see for myself?

Yes, a recent version of Gnome or KDE is probably to much to ask for a 450 MHz with 128 MB RAM. Maybe an XFCE or a more stripped down desktop environment will work, but frankly 128 or 256 MB RAM is just not enough and it won't give a good impression of what it will be like to run thin clients. You'll need a beefy machine to show off what an LTSP client looks like or actually set up an LTSP server (with a little more than 256 MB RAM) with some clients indeed. 128 MB RAM and a 450 MHz processor should be enough for a thin client.

Nils Breunese.

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