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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 'Greatest Hits' Live CD

Gavin Spurgeon wrote:
>> I'll be curious to hear what kind of download speeds people get using
>> bittorrent.  BT works well when many people are downloading a file,
>> literally the more the merrier.  In our case, we're a relatively small
>> group so I wonder if the number of seeders will ever reach a critical
>> mass.  OTOH, if people outside this mailing list pick it up from
>> linuxtracker.org, that might make a difference.  I just don't know how
>> many people will be interested.
> As long as Eric does not mind I will put K12LTSP v6 on LinuxTracker.org
> in the
> next 10 mins or so and as soon as I get the Live CD I will put that up
> there as well...
> Lets see how many people we can get interested in this Fantastic
> Platform...
> Best Regards

My pipe is pretty full this morning, I could push an additional 50mpbs
before things start to slow down.

It doesn't particularly matter to me, but you might want to give the
locals time to download before bogging down my link ;-)


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