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Re: [K12OSN] imacs as thin clients?

I misspoke. The bondi's weren't the ones I had problems with, it was the clear indigo ones (350mhz?). Everything but those worked perfect out of the box. To get those to work, you have to edit your lts conf to use xf86config-4.indigo rather than the auto-generated xf86config. Here is what I have in my lts.conf to make it work. These do support sound, but it is rough (i.e. screams static at you once in a while).

#       XSERVER            = r128
        XF86CONFIG_FILE    = XF86Config-4.indigo
        SOUND              = Y
        SOUND_DAEMON       = "nasd"
        VOLUME             = 99
        SMODULE_01         = "soundcore.o"
        SMODULE_02         = "dmasound_pmac.o"
        SMODULE_03         = "dmasound_core.o"

Jim- Thanks for the tip on pressing N... I was hating mac pretty badly for making me boot to open firmware just to do a stinking network boot. Shows you how much I know about macs.


Joe Korzeniewski
Technology Director
Mason County Eastern Schools

>>> jim winonacotter org 3/1/2007 1:58:52 pm >>>
On Thu, 01 Mar 2007 09:53:38 -0800, Jeff Davis wrote
> Has anyone managed to get older PPC imacs to work as thin clients? 
>  Can someone point me to a howto?

Which iMacs specifically?  The Bondi Blue 233Mhz iMacs work great out of the
box.  The other versions might need a tweaked XF86config.  You need to either
have a new enough version that can network boot via holding the "N" key down,
or modify the firmware to boot.  I just googled for instructions and found an
old email from myself:

------start message clips---------
Yes, you can use an iMac as a diskless workstation.  If you have changed your
server IP from the default of then you need to
modify /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/lts.conf and modify the line at the top of
the file that points to your server to match the actual IP.  I believe
that if you are using K12LTSP version 5 this updates automatically.  After
that you can simply boot your iMac by holding down the "N" key on the
keyboard.  If that for some reason does not work, try booting with
cmd+option+o+f which will bring you to a command prompt.  Then at the prompt
type "boot enet:;yaboot" with out the quotes and the IP set to
match your server IP.  If either of the changes above work let us know, if you
have one of the lucky ones that require the firmware command then there is a
set of instructions to set it permanent.

Boot with apple+option+o+f again
Type the follwing at the command line:

setenv boot-device enet:

Hit enter.

setenv auto-boot? true

Hit enter.


Hit enter.

The machine should reboot and now automatically boot to ltsp every time
it is powered up.

Tip:  If for some reason your machine will not boot after entering boot
enet: with some error that 
it cannot find a boot loader or whatever, try this:

boot enet:,yaboot

--------end message clips----------

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