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CORY CARTWRIGHT corycartwright at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 1 22:55:05 UTC 2007

  I think someone had posted this same question a while ago.  Asterisk is probably your best solution.  If you have the available POTs lines I would purchase at least two FXS modules on the TDM400 card.  This depends on the amount of calls you need to make.
  You will need to build a database back end to this and some type of interface.
  Someone might have already build a GUI for this.  I have done similar stuff to this.  
  Before you jump into anything you need to calculate how long it will take to call each person.  
  Some things to think about;
  How many calls,
  What type of reports do you need, successful calls, failed calls
  do you need confirmation on the call?
  how long will the message be, this will directly affect the number of call you can make over a given time.
  hope this helps,

Joe OBrien <jobrien at meridian.wednet.edu> wrote:
  This may be off topic, but does anyone know of a Linux based auto dialer 
for calling parents with a prerecorded message?

--joe o'brien
--Meridian School District

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