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Re: [K12OSN] imacs as thin clients?

Their "Check software requirements" link fails - I checked out the aspx script they're using and it appears they check the OS as well as the browser.  The only one I anticipate problems with is their print plugin for TOPS reports.

Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
We use the RP as well and I have managed to get it working without even needing to use wine. Just make sure to have the non-free packages installed as far as flash and acrobat reader. These only work on x86 server hardware however so if you are running k12ltsp on a mac server you will have problems. It has been quite a while since I first installed k12ltsp so I am a little fuzzy, but I think I just used the Get Flash and Get Acrobat Reader links in the "Install additional software" folder on the root desktop and that took care of it.
Joe Korzeniewski
Technology Director
Mason County Eastern Schools

>>> jdavis standard k12 ca us 3/1/2007 2:13:03 pm >>>
Hey Joe,

We use Renaissance Learning's renplace hosted software...  Web-based version of Accelerated Read, Star reading, etc.  Most educators love it but it's a pain for those of us tasked with getting it working.

Typical of many vendors, asking for firefox and/or linux support gets routed to /dev/null

I've been able to kind of get it working using WINE and the windows version of firefox...  Have you run into WINE issues on the imacs?

Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
I have a bunch of them up and running... Your server config should work out of the box (for all except the ones with clear cases and front loading trays). On the client side boot to open firmware by holding apple+option+O+F when you start. To boot once type 'boot enet:your.server.ip' to make it permanent type 'setenv boot-device enet:your.server.ip' then type boot to boot (you won't have to do that again). Let me know if you have any other questions about getting those old stinking macs working (the bondi's are tougher but still doable).


Joe Korzeniewski
Technology Director
Mason County Eastern Schools

jdavis standard k12 ca us 3/1/2007 12:53:38 pm >>>
Has anyone managed to get older PPC imacs to work as thin clients?  Can 
someone point me to a howto?




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