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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Customization

I don't know if there's any documentation on this per se, but what you can do is create a user ID, say, 'default', then login with that ID, make the changes you want to the desktop, panel, menus, etc. Then logout. Login as yourself, su - to root, cd to /home/default, and copy the .config, .nautilus, .gconf, .gnome2, and .gconfd directories to /etc/skel/ (not all of these directories may exist, depending on what you've changed). When new user IDs are created, they will get those directories in their respective $HOME directories and you'll get the desired effect.


Willis, Ben wrote:
Can anyone point me to any documentation on modifying the desktop and links etc that are delivered to users the first time they log in? I want to add a "window" to mimic the Novel Application window and populate it with some links for the initial pilot of LTSP in our schools. This is with EduBuntu specifically.


Ben Willis


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