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Re: [K12OSN] OT-Multiple Knoppix and hostnames

Here's an easier idea:

That bit about booting from floppies, I agree.  But what if you could accomplish the same thing from the hard disk?  That's what I've done with an old Pentium-133 that had a 1.2GB hard disk from back in the day.  Just make a standard EtherBoot floppy and "cat" the contents to the hard disk, like so:

root knoppix# cat /dev/fd0 /dev/hda

Of course, the floppy drive might be broken, dusty, whatever.  Alternately, if you just have the EtherBoot file for your NIC somewhere handy, just do this:

root knoppix# cat eb-5.0.11-3c905b-tpo.lzdsk /dev/hda

If you've got to burn a CD to do this (this naturally assumes the old Win98 boxes have CD-ROM drives), then do it.  In this case, the "waste" of a CD is well worth it.

Note that I used "/dev/hda", not "/dev/hda1" or "/dev/hda2", etc.  This is because you're cat'ing to the device directly.  You're effectively turning that hard disk into a really big Etherboot "floppy".  Then, just boot the client from the hard disk as normal, you'll see EtherBooting taking place, and the LTSP login screen should come up just fine.

As for VLAN'ing the clients, I've done that before, for the same reasons that you mentioned; re-wiring just wasn't feasible.  VLANs are great for this.  Just remember to put the server's internal interface on that same VLAN!  :-)

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ssh tranquility net wrote:
Hi All,

My workplace has a dozen Win98 machines they need to replace. I have
been trying to promote K12LTSP to them. The client needs are very
minimial. One problem they would have is getting the clients isolated on
their own network. It may be possible to Vlan them off for that. The
clients are so physically scattered that re-wiring is not a trivial
task. Floppy boot is also problematic because it is a dusty environment.

Barring that, I considered booting the clients to Knoppix. I can
remaster Knoppix and remove much (most) of what is unneeded. A problem I
wonder about is having a lot of computers on the network all with
"Knoppix" as the hostname. 

There's a couple of ways around this. Since the machines have storage,
it wouldn't be too hard to save a persistent home directory to a FAT32
partition, and have them booted with the cheatcodes to read the info
from there. K12LTSP does this by having everything named in /etc/hosts
file. What would be a good way? 

Scott S.

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