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[K12OSN] OT:Microsoft Windows ousted at California school district

The story is pretty sparse. It looks to me that they had a couple of issues:
User permissions for files and thin clients.

I do not understand the comment that they had to add one user at a time. That is the Windows way. In Linux, one would use scripts and it would take minutes. Perhaps they had to get the info out of AD first... That makes sense if they wanted to keep users connected to their data. I had the privilege of creating a system with no user history. I created staff accounts from a list of usernames and created student accounts using APG (Automatic Password Generator). I had teachers associate student names with account userids. They could have solved their problems by grouping staff, teachers, students. Perhaps they had staff that moved between buildings...

I have never seen a Linux system that would not work with thin clients. Use LTSP to boot the thin clients and an X connection to whatever server you run.

I guess they got locked into Suse and their way of doing things and it did not fit their setup. That is the problem with migration. You try to do the same old thing with the new system when it is unnatural. I say, make a clean break with the old system, automate account generation and migrate the data. If Windows will not produce clean text files with user information, scan the system with a Linux live CD or whatever to harvest the information. If file directories match usernames, and teachers and students are segragated it shoud be doable.

Robert Pogson

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It would be better if it was LTSP but still a nice headline to read on a rainy
morning here in ATL.

A problem is an opportunity.

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