[K12OSN] OT:Microsoft Windows ousted at California school district

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Hmm...for Type to Learn, why not use GTypist (older kids) or TuxType
(younger kids)?  For KidPix, why not use TuxPaint?  And for Reading
Counts, why not just use a book?  Any reason why these wouldn't work in
your situation?

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Kemp, Levi wrote:
> Would using WINE be the same as “Ericom software – a Citrix
> alternative -- enabled the terminals to run the district's existing
> and irreplaceable Microsoft Windows educational applications,
> including Type to Learn, Reading Counts and Kid Pix.” as stated in the
> article? We have those programs and I was planning on running them
> using WINE, but I was trying to figure out what they used.
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> The story is pretty sparse. It looks to me that they had a couple of
> issues:
> User permissions for files and thin clients.
> I do not understand the comment that they had to add one user at a
> time. That is the Windows way. In Linux, one would use scripts and it
> would take minutes. Perhaps they had to get the info out of AD
> first... That makes sense if they wanted to keep users connected to
> their data. I had the privilege of creating a system with no user
> history. I created staff accounts from a list of usernames and created
> student accounts using APG (Automatic Password Generator). I had
> teachers associate student names with account userids. They could have
> solved their problems by grouping staff, teachers, students. Perhaps
> they had staff that moved between buildings...
> I have never seen a Linux system that would not work with thin
> clients. Use LTSP to boot the thin clients and an X connection to
> whatever server you run.
> I guess they got locked into Suse and their way of doing things and it
> did not fit their setup. That is the problem with migration. You try
> to do the same old thing with the new system when it is unnatural. I
> say, make a clean break with the old system, automate account
> generation and migrate the data. If Windows will not produce clean
> text files with user information, scan the system with a Linux live CD
> or whatever to harvest the information. If file directories match
> usernames, and teachers and students are segragated it shoud be doable.
> Robert Pogson
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> It would be better if it was LTSP but still a nice headline to read on
> a rainy
> morning here in ATL.
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