[K12OSN] Pixelation with MPlayer

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 15:05:41 UTC 2007

During playback, the picture pixelates (is that a word?) rather badly during
any scene with lots of motion.  Playback is using Xv, and audio is esd.  The
comments from teachers is that 'Microsoft plays it back perfectly so why
doesn't Linux'.  I am just guessing that the difference is a local install
(Windows) vs how the thin client works.   So, any suggestions on how to
improve the playback?  I tried using -framedrop, which helped sync the
video/sound better, but did nothing to actually improve the picture.  I have
also noticed that MPlayer detects a server lag (about 0.56s), but shows no
network lag/compensation.  Has anyone else noticed this on with their
installations?  If needed, I can look at upgrading the switches if that is
the issue. The servers are dual 2.4GHz HT Xeon with 6Gb memory, but the
problem occurs with even 1 user.

Dave Hopkins
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