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[K12OSN] newbie: nfs /home and load balancing issues

I have had a K12LTSP-server going on for half a year in our school and it
works nicely, with old server hardware and old scrap clients.

Now I would like have more power with little money - more scrap clients
and 1-2 more old servers. Btw, servers are 1000MHz double PIII servers
with some 1,5G memory each. Each have scsi raid1 system disk and one has
300GB raid5, where I could put also the /home folder.

So, I would like to set up a dhcp load balancing system or just put the
servers each in separate subnets. Either way, I would like stay in 2
ethernet card setup.

- is the loadbalancing possible with 2 ethernet cards? Is it possible to
put more than two servers in this setup?

- if just using shared NFS /home on one of the servers, is there anything
I should consider when following the instruction s on K12LTSP server
configuration webpage?


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