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Re: [K12OSN] newbie: nfs /home and load balancing issues

It depends on your load.  If you've got a bunch of clients wanting to do streaming video, then those PIII 1GHz chips might not be enough.  If, on the other hand, you're just doing OpenOffice.org and Firefox, you should be fine with simply adding more DRAM to your servers.  That'll let you add more clients per server.  If you can make them 4GB, do so.  In the past, I had a dual-Athlon 1.4GHz box with 4GB DRAM and EIDE disks serving about 25 clients, and it was suh-weet.

Scrap clients are so easy to get cheaply.  Corporations are *dying* to get rid of older PC's.  I personally favor the Dell OptiPlex GX1's, since they are dirt-cheap (companies will very often give them away to avoid disposal fees), support PXE-booting (some may need a flash update--very easy to do), and all the hardware works great with Linux.  Highly recommended.  If you can't find any OptiPlex GX1's, then another excellent choice is the HP Vectra VL400 series; it, too, supports PXE-booting very nicely.

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mikko jordman edu vantaa fi wrote:
I have had a K12LTSP-server going on for half a year in our school and it
works nicely, with old server hardware and old scrap clients.

Now I would like have more power with little money - more scrap clients
and 1-2 more old servers. Btw, servers are 1000MHz double PIII servers
with some 1,5G memory each. Each have scsi raid1 system disk and one has
300GB raid5, where I could put also the /home folder.

So, I would like to set up a dhcp load balancing system or just put the
servers each in separate subnets. Either way, I would like stay in 2
ethernet card setup.

- is the loadbalancing possible with 2 ethernet cards? Is it possible to
put more than two servers in this setup?

- if just using shared NFS /home on one of the servers, is there anything
I should consider when following the instruction s on K12LTSP server
configuration webpage?


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