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Re: [K12OSN] hide network shares

You can use share permissions or NTFS permissions; either will do the trick.  They'll still be able to see that the shares exist, but they won't be able to actually access them.  It's much like when you set 700 permission on the /root directory in GNU/Linux or *BSD.  Regular users can see that /root exists, but they can't do anything with it.

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Ray Garza wrote:
Greetings group,

I'm using K12LTSP 6.0 in a mixed environment (Windows, Linux, K12LTSP) and I 
would like to prevent users on the K12LTSP PC's from seeing the network 
shares on the staff PC's.

I've tried to use Sabayon to delete the Networks submenu item under Places 
(Gnome) but can't. I cannot even get rid of the Places Menu.

Any idea's to restrict access to Browsing the network?



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