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Re: [K12OSN] hide network shares

Ray Garza wrote:
On Wednesday 07 March 2007 12:29, Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
You can use share permissions or NTFS permissions; either will do the
trick.  They'll still be able to see that the shares exist, but they
won't be able to actually access them.  It's much like when you set 700
permission on the /root directory in GNU/Linux or *BSD.  Regular users
can see that /root exists, but they can't do anything with it.

You mean change the Share permissions on each Staff PC? I could do that but I 
was hoping to to do it at a single point (server) rather than go around to 
each Staff PC and make the changes. 

I'll give your suggestion more thought.

Thanks for the input. 



I'm afraid so.  Windows share security is done per share.  Remember that each box has its own database of share security that needs tweaking.

Another way to manage permissions, which might make this sort of thing easier, it is to have all the staff members' files on a central file server.  At work, we use a "H" drive ("H" is for "home").  Then, you can manage file permissions centrally w/o having to touch the client boxes.  Works out rather well for us.  You could use a Samba server for this very easily.


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