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[K12OSN] Re: Printing stopped after installing new printer?

Ok, after more looking, the only thing I notice is that lpstat -a returns a list of printers on the system that works and does not return anything on the system that isn't working.  /etc/printcap is the same for both systems, all the links for the lp commands are the same, just have no idea why printing stopped.

On 3/8/07, David Hopkins <dahopkins429 gmail com> wrote:

The Tech Coord installed a new printer yesterday.  Printing to it works if using the cups web interface.  But ... not a single application on the system can now print to anything.  e.g. Firefox and Staroffice both only show generic printer.  lpstat -a hangs and returns nothing.  On the other k12ltsp server, lpstat -a returns a list of all printers installed for the school, including the printers on the misbehaving system, so cups is working.

So ... any ideas what has broken?  I would guess it is some authentication/privelege issue on a file/directory that lp wants to use, but which one?  When the tech coord installed the printer, he said that Toshiba instructed him to 'just launch the self-extracting archive' for the printer that was delivered.  I have no idea what this did since my normal way of installing a new printer is to just get the ppd file and use it.

Additional info:  Printing to printers attached to this system work if printing from any other system, so the cups interface seems to be working properly.


Dave Hopkins

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