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Re: [K12OSN] NorthTec MicroClient Jr

I just bought one to play with. It boots pretty easily, the only major problem that I have had is that it won't support anything fullscreen (i.e. tuxtype). I installed puppy on a CF card and made it work on there. It is a cool little toy... and I mean LITTLE, but we are going to go with the devonit 6020p instead, they cost just a few dollars more and have 4x the processor speed. 

BTW, if you do decide to buy them, there is a US vendor www.wdlsystems.com. Their shipping speed was outstanding, everywhere else they are sold is over seas. The real name for this system is the ebox 2300, norhtec just rebranded it as the microclient jr.
>>> vince totalsense com 03/08/07 2:51 pm >>> 
I know this box was brought up before, but I've not seen anyone report
back on it.

Has anyone here tested one out yet?

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