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Re: [K12OSN] Teacher Tool

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
On 3/8/07, Kemp, Levi <lnkemp bolivar k12 mo us> wrote:
Is there a way in teacher tool to monitor the screens of all the
students, even if it is a smaller size? If not does anyone know how I

This seems to be a popular request but the only way I currently know
how to do this is to simply set the -geometry option in the vncviewer
call. I also could probably get the vnc windows to arrange themselves
on screen not to overlap. But if the student desktop is 1024x768 and
each view window (on the teacher screen) is 320x200 (or something)
then you don't see the entire student desktop only a section (not
useful). Does anyone know of a way to scale a vnc session to create a

There's a package on freshmeat called VNC Snapshot that is a commandline utility that takes a jpeg snapshot of a VNC server (the client machine in our case). Perhaps with that you could scale the jpegs down to thumbnail size and create a 'board' with snapshots of the clients. It's not real-time, but I think that's probably better, as a bunch of real-time thumpnails would tax the network. VNC Snapshot is at http://vncsnapshot.sourceforge.net/


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