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[K12OSN] NorthTec MicroClient Jr

Hello All,

 I have posted a couple links at the K12LTSP wiki on how to compile the
sound module for MicroClient Jr's.  snd-sis7019.ko audio. If you want to
do it the easy way I posted my little humble ftp site to download the
already compiled module . It will work on 2.6 kernel 32-bit. I'm not sure
if it will work on 64 bit? Look at the simple instructions there,on were
to place the module,etc.
Also another to consider for those who are considering the MicroClient Jr.
Make sure the LCD monitors you purchase have the standard VESA mounting
holes on the back of it. Lots of Dell/ HP,etc monitors do not have a flat
back,that provides the four mounting holes.The MicroCLient comes with the
four screws to mount to the monitor,BTW. Remember for school surroundings,
" Out of sight ,out of mind":)...


Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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