[K12OSN] NorthTec MicroClient Jr

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Mar 10 14:06:26 UTC 2007


  I have no trouble using usb sticks on my MicroClient. Ive used it only
on K12LTSP v 4.4.1 and K12LTSP v 5 32-bit. Did not have to do any mods.
Ive had probably about 10 different usb drives shoved into it. Mostly v
2.0 but a couple v 1.1 usb also. I'll take it sometime to the other
building and try it on the 64-bit K12LTSP and give a report on my
findings. Are you using 64-bit K12LTSP, possibly?
Also,another thing ,these units do have the keyboard wakeup feature in
bios( disabled bt default). Just walk in the room tap the keyboard
anywhere,and power on. NO reaching for the power button. Might as well be
lazy as possible,,,:).

BTW: the official name of these as far as company name is Norhtec / not
NorthTec as posted . May make googling more accurate:)
 I had to really squeeze to get the supplied screws to be long enough but
they did work on my HANNS 19" LCD.

Have a good day,

Barry Cisna

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