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Re: [K12OSN] teaching c++ using gcc/kate in a LTSP environment

Chris Bacigalupo wrote:
Is anyone else doing this? We've been doing it now for several years.
I'd REALLY like to start doing some 3D game programming. I've used the
irrlicht API in a windows environment and have been looking alot lately
at the crystalspace engine.

I'm running into problems with openGL. I can have a lab (20 clients) all
doing blender fine but when I try to compile and execute crystalspace
demoes, I get masive and fatal crashes.

I'm thinking I might have to install a graphic card on the server to
enable openGL. I CAN get glxgears to fire up but the output is so choppy
as to be un-usable. Anyone with feedback about this or similar
experiences please respond.

Chris Bacigalupo
Technology Coordinator and Instructor
Harbor City International School
Duluth, Minnesota


Are you getting the choppiness on the thin client or on the server?  If it's on the thin client, it sounds like a video driver issue.  I've seen that come up when using newer nVidia or ATI cards, now that they don't like to provide programming specs anymore (ATI used to, up to and including the Radeon 8500).

Try tossing a Radeon 7500/8500 or Millenium G400 in your client and see if you get better performance.  That worked for me.  Also, see if you can give something with integrated Intel video a shot; Intel made their video drivers Free Software last year.  They're not speed demons, but they do work in 3D.

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