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[K12OSN] [OT] Why avoid html email

On 12/03/07, joe auerbach <JoeA netwalk com> wrote:
I think the mods killed this thread, but since you asked, here's what
I've got on html email:

Thanks Joe, This is exact type of information I needed to bring in
some list discipline. I know many people may not like it, just like
frowns on inline and bottom posting requests.

1) Spam.  html is one of the tools that spammers use to fool text based
spam filtering (by sending you a picture of the word viagra, for
example).  Which is why a lot of html email sits in spam filters for a

2) html is a web protocol.  It allows for any number of scripts and
redirects.  This is a good thing on web pages, but in email it can lead
to any number of problems.  it's one of the biggest methods that email
based Trojan horses are delivered.

3) Memory.  bear in mind that most of us are probably using email
clients and as a result all the text from the html code sits on our
systems and can easily triple the size of a message, which is just more
space to make my email backups larger.  I doubt I'm the only one.

4) I'm not sure if any of us are on digest here, but conflicting html is
a daily digest is not a good thing.

Overall, I'd say the security issues are the most common.  Anything you
can do to screw with a system in html on a website you can do in an html
email for the most part.  And people are less worried about security
from email, most times, and will be more likely to fall prey to trickery
there than online.

Any other Guru's?

Sudev Barar

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