[K12OSN] Terminal Viideo Display Problems versiens 3 &4 vs. version 5 / lts.conf ?

Anthony Luscre mo_luscre at mogadore.net
Mon Mar 12 16:23:22 UTC 2007

Thanks Peter
I have tried the:
XSERVER = vesa (as some of my new client terminals required it) but it 
did not work with the Intel Video Chip machines

I have not tried
XSERVER = i810
but I will give it a try next time I am in that building.


 Scheie wrote:
> One of the things that changes with each rev is the version of Xorg 
> that is used on the client.  I've had the same experience, where 
> clients that worked perfectly with version 3.x wouldn't work (at 
> first) with version 4.x, and likewise with version 5.  To fix it 
> usually involves setting a specific X server for that client in 
> lts.conf.  Often, it's the vesa X server that works.  So, in lts.conf, 
> try changing
> XSERVER = auto
> to
> XSERVER = vesa
> or since you have Intel video chips, you might try
> XSERVER = i810
> LTSP defaults to 1024x768, but you can specify the resolution if you 
> want, and this may be necessary to get the res you want.
> Petre
> Anthony Luscre wrote:
>> I have been running two LTSP servers (one each at separate 
>> buildings). One server is running LTSP 3 & one is running LTSP 4.
>> Both use the same "thin clients" ( a Pentium-3 pc without hard drive 
>> ) and monitors ( Dell LCD E15FP). The clients have onboard video  
>> output based on Intel 815 chip. Both systems have been happily 
>> running screen resolution of 1024 x 768 on client monitors.
>> This summer I replaced the version 3 server with a version 5 server. 
>> The monitor on the clients now display only at 640 x 480. I have 
>> checked the lts.conf file and both servers have the same configuration:
>> #Video drivers for terminals
>> XSERVE R = auto
>> All the other lines in that section are commented out with the #. 
>> Also all of the "Sample Mode" lines below are all commented out with #.
>> I have experimented with uncommenting (one at a time), each of the 
>> listed sample modes. I get one of two responses for all that I have 
>> tried: either terminal screen displays something along the lines of 
>> "Display not supported" or I get "non synched video" with rolling and 
>> no discernible display.
>> Has anyone else experienced this?
>> What is the fix?
>> Thanks
>> Anthony
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