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Re: [K12OSN] JRE in WINE

Kemp, Levi wrote:

George, I sure would appreciate it if you could help me. I'm stumped
with getting JRE to work under WINE and cannot continue the
installation without it. How did you go about installing Reading

I am using version 2.0 of Reading Counts. I believe we purchased it around 1999 and ran it on Windows 95 clients. I have never upgraded to anything more recent.

I installed it by simply running the installer (setup.exe) under WINE and tweaking the WINE configuration until everything worked as it should.

I remember having to deal with font issues on older versions of WINE, but I've not had to do anything special on more recent versions. The only thing I do now is force WINE into an 800x600 window to make Reading Counts display correctly.

Which version of Reading Counts are you having problems with?

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