[K12OSN] Blade Server for LTSP?

Steven Santos steven at simplycircus.com
Mon Mar 12 17:40:07 UTC 2007

Jim, did you ever get any answers about this question?


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> Subject: [K12OSN] Blade Server for LTSP?
> Has anyone looked at the possibility of using something like a
> Dell 1955 Blade
> Server as an LTSP server farm?  I am looking at trying to deploy 100 or so
> terminals to start moving to 500 or so in the next couple years
> in a single
> location.  I am wondering if using a blade server like this
> (holds 10 blades)
> if I could set up the first blade as my LDAP server, Second blade
> as my email
> server, 3rd blade as my ltsp server, then hang my Dell PowerVault
> off of the
> blade chassis and mount it as /home on all 3 blades.  Then later
> when I need
> more LTSP horsepower I could buy another blade and round robin
> it, later maybe
> more.  If I need more power for OpenOffice or Firefox I could add another
> blade to be an application server, or more.  Does anyone know if this is
> possible?  I see they have many Ethernet ports on the back and a built in
> Cisco switch for network connections.  Could these blades talk to
> each other
> internally and not even have to access the network making for an extremely
> high speed backbone for communication between blades?
> Please let me know with any thoughts or suggestions.  I sure would hate to
> invest $10,000 in hardware to figure out it wouldn't work.  If it
> is possible
> this could make one kickass server setup in one package.
> Jim Kronebusch
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