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Re: [K12OSN] active directory

Pete Horm wrote:
Hi everyone,
I have my test server on a w2k3 network, and have made a home folder for AD users to use when they login. It is /home/SCHOOL.

2 Questions.

1. Is there a way to alter the push icons to desktop script to push icons to the users listed in the /home/SCHOOL folder?

push-icons-to-users-desktops is just a script, so you can modify it. The real question is, since /home/SCHOOL is actually a Windows directory, whether or not root has write permissions to each user's directory with /home/SCHOOL/; my guess is no, but I could be mistaken. In case I'm wrong, and root does have the necessary permissions, look at about line 40 in push-icons-to-users-desktops for the area to change to have it work through /home/SCHOOL rather than /home.

2. Is there a way to standardize a gnome desktop for these active directory users? I tried a couple of different things that were suggested (/etc/skel) , but they don't seem to work. I can take the programs out of the /usr/share/applications. The reason I am using gnome is that it can easily attach to their windows network folders. I need to keep it easy for the students, so that I can convince my administrators to give K12ltsp a try.

What do you mean by 'standardize a gnome desktop'? Do you mean customize a gnome desktop and then make that the default for all users? If so, check out sabayon.


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