[K12OSN] teaching c++ using gcc/kate in a LTSP environment

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 22:48:38 UTC 2007

On 3/10/07, "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:
>  Chris Bacigalupo wrote:
>  Is anyone else doing this? We've been doing it now for several years.
> I'd REALLY like to start doing some 3D game programming. I've used the
> irrlicht API in a windows environment and have been looking alot lately
> at the crystalspace engine.
> I'm running into problems with openGL. I can have a lab (20 clients) all
> doing blender fine but when I try to compile and execute crystalspace
> demoes, I get masive and fatal crashes.
> I'm thinking I might have to install a graphic card on the server to
> enable openGL. I CAN get glxgears to fire up but the output is so choppy
> as to be un-usable. Anyone with feedback about this or similar
> experiences please respond.
> Chris Bacigalupo
> Technology Coordinator and Instructor
> Harbor City International School
> Duluth, Minnesota
>  Are you getting the choppiness on the thin client or on the server?  If
> it's on the thin client, it sounds like a video driver issue.  I've seen
> that come up when using newer nVidia or ATI cards, now that they don't like
> to provide programming specs anymore (ATI used to, up to and including the
> Radeon 8500).

The Radeon 9200/9250 series should also work. Test one before you buy many.

>  Try tossing a Radeon 7500/8500 or Millenium G400 in your client and see if
> you get better performance.  That worked for me.  Also, see if you can give
> something with integrated Intel video a shot; Intel made their video drivers
> Free Software last year.  They're not speed demons, but they do work in 3D.
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