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Re: [K12OSN] Updating software from development repository - Good idea or not?

the flash plugin didn't work for me on 2.0 firefox. fwiw
I had to regress.


Krsnendu dasa wrote:
I am using K12LTSP 6.0 on a x86 32bit system.

There was a bug in evince 0.6 that meant landscape pdfs wouldn't print properly.
I enabled development repository and "yum installed" the latest
version 0.7x and the problem has been fixed. (There were no
dependencies to download.)

Now I am thinking to upgrade Firefox to 2.0.x using the same method.
Is this a good idea or not? Will it break the flash plugin for
Are there any advantages or disadvantages to version 2.0?

The main reason I thought of upgrading is because all the other
systems I use have version 2 and the close tab button is in a
different place which is a bit annoying. I also heard it might handle
memory usage better.

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