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Re: [K12OSN] Blade Server for LTSP?

Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:

That's how I'd be looking at consolidation. The POWER5 boxes ain't cheap, but neither is a good multi-core x86-64 server.

The problem I have with any of the blade or large box products is that your future upgrade path is limited to either whatever this vendor provides or swapping out the whole thing, plus it really doesn't make sense to use the same type of hardware as a file sever and an pplication server. I think a good approach would be to take an older but heavy-duty (dual power supplies, hot-swap drive bays, etc.) server and run something like openfiler (http://www.openfiler.com/about/) on it as the account/home dir server, and then use fast but not heavy-duty boxes as the app servers, planning to replace them frequently to keep up with processor technology.

By the way, has anyone tried openfiler's LDAP with k12ltsp clients?

  Les Mikesell
  les futuresource com

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