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Re: [K12OSN] electricity use

The fact that they say that many computers use too much electricity, look around their offices and see how many of their computers are left on 24/7. That is 2/3 wasted electricity.

Now, if you go to terminal services (with LTSP or whatever) you won't need hard drives so those 20 computers will use less energy anyway. Could be as much as 15% to 20% less energy than the fat ones in the offices.

Also, look around the buildings and see how many unoccupied rooms throughout the day are left with the lights on.

When the students are at lunch, for example, look at those classrooms burning electricity for no reason.

Help them to realize that comuters are not the only thing that uses a lot of electricity.

If the computers you have in your room do not trip the breakers, and the breakers have NOT be compromised, there is no worry of how many there are. Just make sure you don't use inferior power cords and strips and that you do not overload any strips or other eguipment. One computer per circuit is rediculous! I have been in MANY highly rated computer labs and have NEVER seen in any of them, one computer per circuit. I do not condone loading that circuit until it trips the breaker because that is hazardous. Get your maintenance man to use his clamp-on ammeter on your circuit when you have those computers on and see how much power they use. Then remove the hard drives. . .



Brad Thomas wrote:

I am a social studies teacher and I've been building a lab in my classroom
of old, discarded computers over the last two years (I was up to 20). I
have been using small distros like DSL (DamnSmallLinux) to make them work,
but was planning to switch to a k12ltsp setup before the end of the year.
However, my principal just sent an e-mail last week instructing me to
remove all but 6 of the computers from my room implying that they were
using too much electricity. I just got back from a school planning council
meeting where she and an assistant principal said that they called Dell
(we buy all our new fat machines from Dell) and Dell said there should
only be one computer per 20 amp circuit (which translates into one per
room I think). As far as I can tell (using a Watts Up meter) one
computer-and-monitor use a little more than 1 amp of power, so I don't get
this. Can anyone out there give me some guidelines they go by? Or steer me
to a good site? How much planning goes into ensuring proper electrical
flow into your k12ltsp labs?


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