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Re: [K12OSN] Upgrading from k12ltsp5 to 6

Why do you want/need to upgrade now? There's not a whole lot of difference, from a user perspective, from version 5 to version 6. Considering that there are only three months of school left, I would wait until summer and then do a new install of version 6. If you need to, tar up /home and save it on another machine or some other media like a CD, etc., and then restore it once you have the new version installed. Upgrading is posssible, in theory, but there always seem to be lingering problems, such that I just do new installs any more.


Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
I know that I am a little late for the party here, but I have decided that I need to upgrade to 6. Is there anything I need to know before I do this? Are any changes going to overwrite anything in the /tftpboot folder (I have put a ton of other pxe images in there for misc stuff)? Do I need to back up and restore my named.conf and lts.conf? Do I need to download the cd's or can I use yum and if so, what command do I use? If anybody who has made the switch can give me some advice or things to plan / look out for it would be greatly appreciated.

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