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Re: [K12OSN] united streaming and mplayerplug-in: recipe

Frankly, I don't really have intelligent answers to most of your
questions. The only thing I can tell you and what inspired me to try
this is that if you choose "sdl" as the audio option in mplayer, 
a) it works (which was the first hint)

b) it was really late and I was too lazy to compile my own mplayer or

c) it uses the sdl:esd option for the audio driver in the config file.
Seeing the esd portion of that and the comment in the config file that
using the sdl option meant using the esd sub-driver prompted me to try
that route.

# Use SDL audio driver with the esd subdriver by default.
ao = sdl:esd

I was surprised it worked because running
mplayer -ao help to list the available drivers didn't show esd, only sdl

If I had to speculate from what I can gather from the libsdl.org home
page in only a cursory reading, sdl provides a conduit for esd


Perhaps the more learned among us can help you further.


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> What does sdl:esd do? How is it different from esd? Is esd included in
> the Livna version? I compiled my own mplayer because I thought Livna
> didn't have esd.
> On 14/03/07, William Fragakis <william fragakis com> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I hope this isn't redundant - the last posts on the issue had videos
> > played from saved files via mplayer or other players.
> >
> > I've gotten mplayerplug-in to work with unitedstreaming.com and
> cnn.com
> > videos within firefox (.wmv format). I've used this only in K12ltsp
> ver.
> > 6, ymmv. It does work in the classroom as I've updated a couple of
> > servers plus my own home server without problem.
> > 

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