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Re: [K12OSN] Terminals Rebelling!


Rdesktop itself works perfect (almost too perfect) my problem is that I can't get my terminals to bring up x by default, they will bring up the rdesktop session. I can ctrl+alt+F1 to get to X and switch back and forth between that and rdesktop with no problem. I have tried switching startx to screen 2 and rdesktop to screen 1 (and have tried switching the address of the computer to rdestkop to) and it still won't let me have x by default.

Thanks for your help,

>>> brcisna eazylivin net 03/10/07 1:30 pm >>> 

 Have you tried changing the IP address to another available term server ?
What term server are you trying to connect to? 2003. if so what service
pack is it using, although it should not make any diff.? I just dumped SP2
onto our 2003 servers a couple weeks ago and clients still can SCREEN_01=
rdesktop to them, FYI.
Another thing to try on this particular client. Boot into K12LTSP. then in
a terminal do " telnet termserveripaddress 3389 " . If you get a response
this way there is no reason the client should not connect to this termserver
unless the licensing reg keys are wonky.
Keep scratching head,,:)

take care,

Barry Cisna

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