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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP server for a student organisation

Robert Arkiletian wrote:

[ asking advice for hardware for an LTSP server for ~10 clients]

Any recommendations for hardware? We are in The Netherlands, so if
anyone has any recommendations for hardware you can get here at
interesting prices, I'd be more than interested. I'm planning to do a
K12LTSP 6 install on an old borrowed 6-way (!) 450 MHz server with 2

Even though it's 6 way it's probably not going to be much faster than
the stand alone 450's. Although it sounds like a nice server (ram and
disks) and it will probably be okay.

I know speed won't be comparable to a shiny new server, but the point is just to have demo/test system and then decide whether we want to go with an LTSP setup. This borrowed server is really a monster. It's huge and it makes a lot of noise when powered on. You can put in up to 4 power supplies in and it has 4 GB RAM. We'll only put in 2 GB for the test though, because it takes forever to memtest all that memory and you can't skip the memtest. :o(

GB RAM and a SCSI RAID array. I'm thinking that for a production
server we should probably get a fast dual-core processor and 1-2 GB
RAM? I guess SATA (probably RAID-1) should be fine? Currently
everything is on 100 MBit switches, I think we'll need a gigabyte

For only 10 clients you don't need gigabit. Just make sure it's a
switch not a hub.

Hm ok, thanks for the info. We already have two 100 Mbit switches although they're pretty low budget consumer models, so I'll use those for testing next weekend. So I wouldn't really need gigabit ethernet in the server either? We're looking for a cheap solution, so I'd love to not get anything we won't need.

Nils Breunese.

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