[K12OSN] dns listings on windows

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Mar 14 23:32:30 UTC 2007

  Hello All,

  I have a very minor glitch in our school network in that dns entries are
not showing in the dns pool/entries on our windows 2003 server. I am
using two k12ltsp servers to do dhcp to windows clients as well as thin
clients on two subnets. The windows clients are pointed towards our
windows 2003 DC which is the dns server as well. Windows 2000 client
boxes show up fine in the dns pool but no windows xp boxes ever shows
up?  When I do an ipconfig /all all the client boxes shows as seeing the
actual windows 2003 server as being the dns server. The last couple days
I have tried hammering the AD a bit such as changing from default "
secure connections only"> to> "non secure and secure"
All machines can do name resolution fine,so Im not real concerned about
it. But it just seems strange that 2k boxes are listed and xp boxes are
not. I have disabled win firewall as well to see if this may have had
anything to do with it.

Barry Cisna

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