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Re: [K12OSN] USB Files Don't Display

I had a similar issue but it was caused by an update to the fuse package.  I re-added all users to the fuse group and then also made certain that dns was set to use host first  so that the thin clients were able to resolve their names. 

check the size that is reported for the thumb drive.  In my case, it was reporting the size of the system's hard drive indicating that the drive was not actually mounted properly.  What was happening in that case is that the file was being copied to the $HOME/Drives/thumbdrive-directory-mount-point and not to the actual drive which would explain why you can't see the contents of the drive itself.

You could also try use a dns reservation for a client just to determine if that results in the client 'knowing' its name.

Dave Hopkins

On 3/14/07, k12ltsp <k12ltsp hermon net> wrote:
Hi everyone,

We are having a strange issue with USB files not displaying when students
bring in their Thumbdrives and connect it to the terminals. It stopped
working as of March, leaving me to suspect that an update caused the issue.

The behavior is strange. When a student connects a thumbdrive into the
terminal, it actually mounts! However, they can't see any of the contents
that are presently on the drive.

Here's the strange part, they can actually write to the thumbdrive,
meaning, create new files and save them. Files created when mounted to the
terminal will become visible again if the thumbdrive is unplugged and
plugged back in. HOWEVER, as explaned above, any files that have been
written on the thumbdrive elsewhere are NOT visible.

This makes it hard for students to bring in their homework created on
their personal machines into the school.

I have gone through the troubleshooting steps using the USB wiki on the
LTSP website, and couldn't pass Step 4. Perhaps our problem is here? How
can I get the workstation to know the hostname?

Step 1: Disable X.

N/A. Have shell loaded on second screen. Switched to second screen.

Step 2: Determine Version Number.

Output is 4.2 Update 3.

Step 3:

On workstation, lbuscd confirmed running. /tmp/drives/ shows a folder
representing the thumbdrive inside.

Step 4:

hostname returns the output = (none). I suspect this may be our problem. I
have however followed the steps in the installation section by adding the
line "get-lease-hostnames         true;" to the dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf file,
but it made no difference after restarting dhcpd and rebooting the
terminal. The dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf file at the part where I entered this
line is below.

get-lease-hostnames         true;

shared-network WORKSTATIONS {
  subnet netmask {
     range dynamic-bootp;
     use-host-decl-names       on;
     option log-servers;
     get-lease-hostnames         true;

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