[K12OSN] electricity use

Greg Dekoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Thu Mar 15 13:42:07 UTC 2007

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Olle Niit wrote:

> It's not a right calculation at all.
> I have server at homeoffice with 500w power supply.
> It's AMD Sempron 3000+ socket 754
> ram 512MB DDR400
> HDD 400GB ATA100 and HDD 400GB  SATA software mirroring
> 2 netcards ( 1 onoard and 1 extra)
> 1 extra cooling fan for HDD-s
> Linux E-Smith 7.5
> I have APC PackUPS RS800, it tells that average power required is 51Watts. 
> Maximum I ever seen was 61watts, and at start time 71Watts.

The power problem, incidentally, is one of the reasons the OLPC is 
considered to be so crucial.  Its power profile:

* 10 watts going full-bore (heavy networking, heavy display repaints)
* 3-6 watts typical usage
* <1 watt in e-book mode (scrolling only, monochrome display mode)

It might be very interesting to see if it's possible to join the server 
compute power of LTSP with the low-power OLPC client.


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