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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Required use of IE by State DOE

We have a related problem in Iowa.  Recently the school went
state-wide with a web-based IEP system for special-ed students.  I
know they made a good attempt at testing on multiple platforms with
multiple browsers, as my wife was asked to be in on the testing, and I
saw the list of browser/os combinations they were wanting testers for.
However, our state department of ed is in bed with Apple instead of
Microsoft.  They used FileMaker for the database backend, which for
that kind of load, is incredibly inefficient.  It has been my
expirence that Apple admins tend to over estimate the efficiency and
power of their servers.  The IEP program was very clumsy when it was a
stand-alone program, opening up 12 windows just to start the program.
It looks all nice like an apple program, but looks only get you so


On 3/15/07, Mark Goodridge <mgoodridge chelseaeagles org> wrote:
David Hopkins wrote:

> This is off-topic, but apparently the DOE for Delaware is developing
> software (paying for the development) which will require the use of IE in
> order to be used.  When asked why, the response is typically of the form
> 'because that is what we want'.
> We are a small enough state (2 degrees of separation for most people) that
> if there is something questionable about the proposed approach, it can be
> changed but only with really good reasons.

"Because it violates all the canons of good web design and is a stupid
idea to boot" isn't a good enough reason?

Here in Maine we have the same problem with our DOE, frequently paying
top dollar for web sites that only run on IE.

"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain."
--Friedrich Schiller

Mark Goodridge
The Computer Guy
Chelsea Elementary School

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