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Re: [K12OSN] updating problem

Which repository is it looking for?  I get this with at-stable.  My issue is I have to use the State proxy which wants to cache information.  If this is the issue, you need to set the proxy information for yum to use the proxy and also tell the proxy not to cache info. the proxy info can be set in the config file for yum.  Another issue I have is that the baseurl had to be modified slightly.  I will be at the school tomorrow and can provide an example if needed then.

Dave Hopkins

On 3/15/07, Aaron Sulwer <asulwer yahoo com> wrote:
i have been trying to use yum and software updater to update k12ltsp and i keep
getting this error about no more mirrors to try dependency error 256, anything
i try to update gives me this error, i am logged in as root and i am using
version 6

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