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RE: [K12OSN] OT: Required use of IE by State DOE

I would aproach this as an unfunded mandate.  Price out a windows terminal server, all associated support, peices, parts etc.  Then send them an invoice, and an expected yearly maintance cost on it.  Be clear that this is what it will cost you to support this implimentation they have chosen, and not for anything else.
Just to clarify, you will need a big, beefy Win2k3 box and TSCAL's for every terminal in the school (because your teachers may use any terminal in the school, right?).  Does this requier office, or other big $$ products you can tack on?  How about a big, expensive server AV product?  Am I missing anything?
Oh, and then make sure to have other school IT departments that run Linux or Mac send the same kind of invoices.

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Eek, before it gets to much further, let me clarify that the 'mandate' is due to how they are implementing access to internal DOE state resources.  This impacts the school, but the general public isn't likely to ever have access to these systems, and section 508 will only apply for disabled state employees most likely.   Teacher access from home might come into play. The issue is that the system is being designed around the use of IE to access the system (kind of similar to how the Pentamation SIS requires IE for administrative access).  If this was a system that the general public was expected to access, then it would be much simpler, but since it will mostly exist on the state intranet I think it might not be so easy.  Long term maintenance costs, expandability, and such are valid issues, just not sufficient necessarily to push them to change.

Dave Hopkins

On 3/15/07, Accessys smart net <accessys smart net > wrote:
On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, Steven Santos wrote:

> Can you aproach this as an unfunded mandate?
> The DOE is mandating you use IE, will they pay for it?

especially if teachers require it's use from home or away from the


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